La Paz last stage of remodeling the Malecón begins


La Paz, Baja California Sur.- When starting the works corresponding to the last stage of remodeling the coastal Malecón of La Paz, which includes the section that goes from El Molinito to the La Concha hotel, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis said that this work will be one of the greatest satisfactions of his mandate that has distinguished himself by delivering to the South Californians, works of great social content. “Six months after the end of this administration, time will not be the impediment to fulfill the promise of this great work,” he said.

The state Executive commented that this Malecón will record that the best future is already being lived today in Baja California Sur, recognizing that there will always be things that can be done better, but that the important thing is that when we look back it is verified that today we are better than yesterday.

“We will fulfill the commitment that this very representative and special space is completely rehabilitated. We are going to invest 64 million pesos in the installation of lights, construction of garrisons, ramps, parking areas, repair of walls and sidewalks, sanitation of drinking water and drainage networks, urban furniture, benches, and children’s games as well as the tactile route so that blind people can travel, in addition to expanding the bike path, among other improvements that will allow this section to have a very similar image to the previous stages, “he said.

Accompanied by the head of the Integral Port Administration, José López Soto and representatives of the City Council of La Paz and the Armed Forces, the South Californian president said that the commitment is to deliver the work in the next 3 and a half months, For which the works that begin as of this day, will have three fronts of activity to comply with the total remodeling of the Malecón

Before giving the flag for the start of the work of the 3.5 kilometers, the Chief of the State Executive added that it is a functional infrastructure that combines modernity, sustainability and that fulfills a fundamental objective, together with the previous stages of the Malecón: to promote healthy coexistence, sports and culture as well as recreation among those who live in the state and those who They visit us. It will be a space for coexistence and pride “because it is a place that identifies us, that we enjoy, share and show off to those who visit us. My satisfaction is that we will finish this work, even adding an extension of the Coromuel to the La Concha hotel, ”he said.


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