“Viva La Plaza” a space for coexistence in Cabo San Lucas re-opens under health protocols


Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (March 23, 2021). – Being an iconic place and a tourist attraction in the city center of Cabo San Lucas, the public plaza “Amelia Wilkes Ceseña” hosts artists, colors and flavors every Friday from 6:00 in the afternoon to 10:00 at night, through the program “Viva La Plaza” A popular cultural space.

In this regard, the coordinator of the Institute of Culture and Arts (ICA) in Cabo San Lucas, Ruby Jacobo Asensio, stated that “Viva la Plaza” is a program targeting locals and foreigners: “Our goal is that foreigners who come to the destination also enjoy art and culture; for national tourism, which generates an identity for them and that Los Cabos families accompany us to enjoy and live together and gradually get out of the situation we had to face; Of course, by following hygiene procedures and what the Baja California Sur Health Alert System reports.

The public servant admitted there was a good response in compliance with hygiene regulations: “Fortunately, the people of Los Cabos are well aware, they have come wearing masks. We continue to invite people to come and visit us, to come and live with their families, enjoy the art and cultural program and buy some regional products from local artisans.”

In conclusion, Jacopo Asensio explained that last Friday the attendees from “FIFA La Plaza” were able to enjoy the performance on stilts, the Itotia Tepocatel folk ballet and a concert by Maipu band from the Los Cabos Association of Musicians.

Source: OEM

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