Emblematic School Ship “Cuauhtémoc” to visit Cabo San Lucas for the first time


Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- From April 11 to 14, the emblematic School Ship “Cuauhtémoc”, internationally recognized sailboat of the Mexican Navy, will be anchored in the port of Cabo San Lucas.

The ship that has trained more than thirty generations of officers graduated from the Heroic Naval Military School on the deck and sails, was built in the shipyards and workshops of Celaya, in Bilbao Spain.

It was a project of the naval engineer, Juan José Alonso Verastegui, who began with the laying of the keel in tiers on July 24, 1981, later, it was delivered to its first crew at the Santurce dock, Bilbao, on July 29, 1982, thus being born as a Mexican ship after proudly flying the Aztec flag.

With the collaboration of the Naval Sector of Cabo San Lucas in coordination with the Los Cabos Business Coordinating Council, an agreement was reached so that the boat could arrive at the waters of this tourist destination, with the intention that students from primary, secondary, and preparatoria schools of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, take academic guided tours of the ship, forging the high naval values ​​of honor, duty, loyalty, and patriotism, to know and learn more about the sea and its history.

The Cuauhtémoc Ship is a tireless navigator that with more than 36 years has made the same number of instructional trips, visiting 212 ports in 64 different countries, accounting for a total of 5,862 days at sea, and 756 thousand nautical miles sailed, which is equivalent to going around the world 35 times.

Thanks to her successful participation in important maritime festivities and events, she has earned numerous awards and recognitions, among which are: three-time winner of the Boston Testera Cup; twice the Cutty Shark Trophy; first place in the 2012 Tall Ship Races regatta, first and second place in the Tall Ships Challenge Regatta; second place in the Colon 92 Regatta, and third place in the Osaka 97 Regatta.

Likewise, she has been recognized with numerous awards for elegant presentation and fraternity by her members, earning the affection and admiration of all those who visit her covers.

The legendary ship has 8 honorable mentions, which are represented with a star for each mention awarded, placed on the starboard and port bulkheads, in the waist area. Its maximum speed is 17 knots under sail and 9 knots by motor, it has a set of 23 sails in Brick-Barca rigging, distributed in 10 square sails in the mainmast and foremast, plus 13 knife sails, and finally, an accommodation capacity for 186 elements, between officers and crew.

During the navigation of the Cuauhtémoc Sailboat School Ship, a study program is carried out aimed at completing the training of future officers of the Mexican Navy, since each of the activities of the crew is dedicated to the teaching process of the personnel, cadets training, as well as the maintenance of the ship in perfect working order and structural conditions.

Source: BCS

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