4 Cabo San Lucas bars were closed for failing to comply with protocols


As a result of the operation implemented by the Coepris, State Police and Municipal Public Security 

At least four bars were closed on Friday night, in the municipality of Los Cabos, as a result of the operation implemented by the State Coepris, State Police with the support of Municipal Public Security for exceeding the allowed capacity and violating schedule rules, this after the Health Sector requested support within the framework of the Covid Mesa, as it has been detected after the Holy Week, a relaxation in health measures, both for the community, for some lines of business.

According to information released by local and state authorities on the tour carried out after 12 at night, a little more than 7 bars were visited in Cabo San Lucas and the municipal seat, of which 4 were open and not complying with the sanitary protocols, for which the establishments were closed and closed.

Sport Bar, La Minerva and Caballero Tigre of the municipal seat and La Botana in Cabo San Lucas were closed , in this last place there were more than 200 people.

Bars closed in Los Cabos for failing to comply with protocols

It should be mentioned that in the meeting last Friday of the Covid Table, the support of the authorities was requested to reinforce surveillance since it has been observed in recent days that discipline has been relaxed, which is why they are reinforcing surveillance operations.

It should be mentioned that this operation took place as a result of the Public Security authorities receiving a large number of citizen complaints, about these and other places that are not following the recommendations of the Health Sector, due to the issue of covid-19, so It was anticipated that the operations will continue this Saturday, Sunday and next week in an intense manner.

It was warned at the meeting of the Covid Table that although during Easter, Los Cabos passed the test as there was no increase in covid cases, after that date the discipline in the population began to relax, which is not convenient because there is that to continue strengthening sanitary measures, to avoid the risk of a re-outbreak of the virus, it was indicated.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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