Los Cabos will have a Paleontological theme Park


Los Cabos.- Continuing the planning work to open a Paleontological Park in the delegation of Santiago, Los Cabos Government authorities met with the ejidatarios of the area, who will grant the land to the XIII City Council to conclude the process and begin construction of this comprehensive project that was postponed due to the health contingency.

Tendrá Los Cabos un Parque Paleontológico Temático - Tribuna de los Cabos

It should be noted that the opening of the park, -whose construction will be carried out where the Santiago Zoo used to be, seeks to benefit the entire productive sector of the delegation, including producers and artisans, which will have a positive impact on the economy of the Cabeñas families, while serving the tourism sector. 

In the same way, the project will respond to the urgent need to preserve the history and culture of the region, so that the ejidatarios of the Santiago delegation are in the best disposition to work hand in hand with the Government of Los Cabos, in benefit of citizenship.

Parque paleontológico de Los Cabos, un paso más cerca de construirse:  Municipio - BCS Noticias

Finally, the authorities of the XIII Administration of Los Cabos emphasized how the theme park will be a generator of employment and a vital part so that the identity and origin of Los Cabos are known through paleontological material; In this sense, the population is invited to consume local products and visit the delegation of Santiago, whose Mission is close to completing 300 years of its foundation.

CONFIRMADO: ¡Santiago BCS tendrá un parque jurásico!

Source: elcentinelabcs.com, tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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