Los Cabos Artists and businessmen reactivate the economy in Viva la Plaza


Carlos Tinoco Balderas, president of Empresarios del Centro de Cabo San Lucas, announced that reactivating the Viva La Plaza Festival is to activate the essence of the Mexican party in the historic center of CSL and make it attractive to local people and tourists, ” May it be one of the must-see places for people ”–said the interviewee–, in addition to the fact that this event generates regional entrepreneurs and artists to reactivate their economy.  

He pointed out that the Amelia Wilkes Square is an iconic place in Cabo San Lucas, in addition to having the Museum of Natural History, so businessmen in the area decided that every Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the place becomes a Viva la Plaza, that is to say in a place for a family reunion, conviviality, and gastronomic and artistic demonstrations.

Viva la Plaza Festival in the Historic Center of CSL

“A familiar place where you can see a multicultural mix of both local and foreign people, we have seen Japanese people, from the United States, Canada, from different countries, who take something more than just a party.”

He explained that local artists have the opportunity to show and sell their works, which means support for them, on the other hand, he indicated that there are organic producers that are coordinated by the Directorate of Economy and Development of Los Cabos.

Viva la Plaza Festival in the Historic Center of CSL

“Each organic producer has a place within Viva la Plaza, as a private initiative we are in charge of taking the gastronomic sample and encouraging local businesses.”

He concluded by saying that the reactivation of Viva la Plaza was 4 weeks ago and the Festival has been growing, that is, more people come to the place, which is positive for the businesses and artists who depend on this popular festival.

Viva la Plaza Festival in the Historic Center of CSL


Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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