Perrita Luna will have justice! They exercise criminal action against the dog abuser


Woman attacked and buried her dog alive in Los Cabos

The dog Luna was buried alive by its owner, and now punished for her act to the abuser in Los Cabos Baja California Sur.

What is known about the punishment of the owner of the dog Luna?

The State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) and the governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis, reported that the case of the complaint for animal abuse to the detriment of the dog Luna, filed in San José del Cabo on December 24, will be prosecuted judicially.

Through his social networks, the state president pointed out that the case of the dog Luna, which caused outrage after her owner buried her alive, will be punished with the full rigor of the law in Baja California Sur.

Van sobre dueña que enterró viva a su perra en Los Cabos

“Exercising the corresponding criminal action against Edith” N “, for the crime of animal abuse. Criminal case J001 / 2021 is in process, in which the hearing of connection to the process was rescheduled by the judge handling the case, for next May 18 ”.

Carlos Mendoza Davis, Governor of Baja California Sur

For its part, the Baja California Sur Attorney General’s Office indicated that justice and the rule of law will prevail in the entity in this case and in all cases where the application of the law is required.

During the last days, activists held a collective march to demand justice for the case of Luna, the dog who was buried alive in the municipality of Los Cabos.

Through social networks, a video was circulated where Luna was appreciated when she was found in the house days before, and how she was days before being buried. Within hours of the video being uploaded, it quickly went viral, obtaining more than a million views in a couple of hours.


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