Baja California Sur generates large revenues from concessions of its beaches


In Mexico, more than 600 million pesos were obtained in 2017; Los Cabos in 2019 raised 96 million pesos

According to information provided by Jorge Iván Cáceres Puig, environmental advisor and former delegate of the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) in Baja California Sur said that in 2017 the collection for the use of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone in Mexico was more than 600 million pesos, in which the entity raised over 100 million pesos, positioning itself as the second state in the country with the highest income, Los Cabos is the municipality that collected the most.

Declarations released at the work table held days ago with members of the Engineering Institute of the Autonomous University of Mexico with the topic, Potentials and implications of the Zofemat in Mexico.

Cáceres Puig said that today the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone is at risk since some legislators intend to reduce it by half, so the income, for the concept of use, enjoyment, and enjoyment of the Zofemat will be disrupted, that is, 165 coastal municipalities in the country will be affected, which means 11,112 kilometers of coastline, not counting the island territories.

“This collection is not less and I am sure that the amounts are currently higher, in the case of Baja California Sur, in 2017 106 million pesos were reported in that year, in which Los Cabos collected more than 50% of the total amount”.

He explained that the income would be reduced by half, which will be a very hard blow for the Municipalities since one hundred percent of the resources are exercised by the City Councils, 70% of the resource is labeled for social programs and current expenses, and the 30% to fund the Zofemat.

Similarly, a document sent to CPS Noticias shows that in April 2019, the Technical Committee of the Fund for the Supervision of Administration, Maintenance, Preservation and Cleaning of the Zofemat in the Municipality of Los Cabos, had an amount authorized for the exercise of 2018 of 44 million 454 thousand 519 pesos and of which 22 million 738 thousand 726 pesos were exercised, that is, 51%

Likewise, in the work program of the Zofemat Los Cabos 2019, the need to apply an amount of 55 million 930 thousand 333 pesos to carry out maintenance and prevention work in the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone was established, authorities were present at said meeting of the Treasury of the Municipality of Los Cabos, of the Ministry of Finance of the State Government and the Tax Administration System (SAT), a figure that was certainly considered by the authorities present.

It should be mentioned that the Municipality of Los Cabos presented an estimated collection for the use of the Zofemat in the period 2019 being an amount of 95 million pesos, but in reality, there were 96, in which 30% of the contributions were destined to the Zofemat fund, an amount exceeding 28.5 million pesos, the difference of the resource is destined to social programs and for expenses of the City of Los Cabos.


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