American shoots flares at fishermen in La Paz


It is the second aggression of the North American; in March 2020 he shot them with a ball rifle

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- A foreigner who has been anchored for years on a sailboat in the Bay of La Paz in front of El Manglito shot at a fisherman with a flare pistol, and although he did not hit the soft, the fact caused outrage among the residents of the colony, who gathered on the beach to demonstrate protesting this aggression.

The majority of the protesters, made up of deaths, called the authorities, and minutes later a municipal police patrol arrived on the beach, however they could do nothing because the American was on board his boat, in a place where the agents have no jurisdiction.

Almost an hour after the events – at the stroke of 2:30 p.m. – a patrol from the Ministry of the Navy arrived at the scene, which was approached by a fishermen’s boat to learn about the actions of the military, although they were limited to explain that they were only going to protect the safety of the foreigner and of the bayside residents, who were asked to file complaints with the competent authority.

Neighbors of the Manglito reported that the foreigner responds to the name of Wolf Michael, is originally from the state of California and has an immigration status that expires in July 2021 as with the category of temporary resident; This Tuesday at 9 in the morning they will go to the public ministry agency to file the corresponding complaint, they will appear at the facilities of the Secretariat of the Navy to request their intervention and they will also seek support from the PGR and the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

According to El Sudcaliforniano sources, the foreigner verbally attacked the fishermen who were passing by with their panga near the sailboat at that time, demanding that they stop passing through the site; After an exchange of words, the American shot a fisherman with such bad aim that fortunately, he missed the target.

The flare pistol is a type of firearm that allows a luminous charge to be launched into the air for a long time as a distress signal either at sea or on land; Depending on the caliber, it can reach from 20 to 200 meters in height and in case of misuse of this device it can cause minor and even serious injuries.

It is not the first time that this foreigner has attacked the Manglito fishermen; in March 2020 he shot them with a pellet rifle; he was arrested and hours later released. This aggression was the subject of the Security Table.

Neighbors of Manglito who denounced this aggression against El Sudcaliforniano expressed their exhaustion at the constant belligerence of the foreigner and announced that if the authority does not take action in this matter, they will do justice by their own hand.


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