Los Cabos and La Paz back to orange Covid traffic light covid protocols re-instated

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. – The State Health Safety Committee of Baja California Sur determined this June 8, 2021, to go back to level 4 -orange-, in the Health Alert System in the municipalities of Los Cabos and La Paz, due to the increase in cases by coronavirus. 

In that sense, the municipal director of Health in Los Cabos, Efraín López Hernández, recalled that according to the traffic light, at level 4 the capacity is restricted to 40% is allowed businesses, they will not be able to operate party halls or hold mass events and the distance between people is 3.5 meters. 

It is worth mentioning that according to the activities restricted by level 4 orange “Very High”, the following stand out: coexistence in party halls and tianguis; sporting events are held without an audience. Cinemas, churches, gyms, ecotourism activities, the retail sale of various objects are still authorized under the criterion of only allowing 40% of capacity.

Finally, the head of Health in Los Cabos Efraín López Hernández, urged citizens to continue with health measures, since cases increase every day, which harms the development of activities and the health of the population. He also stressed that even when a large number of people have already been vaccinated, that does not guarantee that they cannot be infected, although the effect would be less aggressive, they could be carriers of the virus and put the lives of the most vulnerable people at risk.

Given the increase in infections of Covid-19, the State Health Safety Committee determined that this municipality and Los Cabos fall back, as of June 9, to level four of the state health alert system; while the municipalities of Loreto, Comondú, and Mulegé will remain at level three, informed Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis.

According to the official page of the state government on Tuesday afternoon there were 921 active cases and 1,542 deaths from coronavirus in the entity, where a total of 32,552 cases are registered.

Los Cabos is the municipality that experiences the highest increase in active cases with 622, followed by La Paz with 275, Comondú 11, Loreto one and Mulegé 12.

Due to coronavirus deaths, La Paz accumulates 716, Los Cabos 491, Comondú 166, Mulegé 129 and Loreto 40.

During the session, the Committee also agreed to make an appeal to the Secretary of Public Education in the entity to resume face-to-face classes until the beginning of the next school year, in August.

“The increase in the number of cases was anticipated by the mobility generated by the electoral process. The situation that the state is experiencing at this time is not what we would like, so we hope that with everyone’s effort, we can reverse that trend to resume the path towards the new normal. The issue of prevention and hygiene continues to be important ”, added the state executive.

At a press conference, the health authorities reported that 174 thousand people have been vaccinated in the state, 86 thousand 732 with the complete scheme, of which only two people have died from coronavirus, despite the fact that both had already been applied dose.

They mentioned that vaccination is an element that influences the number of infections since Los Cabos with a larger population than La Paz has half as many vaccinated as this municipality and that is being reflected in the increase in infections in recent weeks as a result of the increase of social mobility due to political campaigns.

They pointed out that of the total of those hospitalized for Covid-19 in Baja California Sur, 62 percent are concentrated in Los Cabos, 32 percent in La Paz, and 6 percent in the other three municipalities.

They said that with the announcement on Tuesday that workers in the tourism sector will be vaccinated in those states that depend on this activity, such as Baja California Sur, the arrival of a significant volume of vaccines is expected in the following days.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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