La Paz BCS celebrates World Whale and Dolphin Day


With the aim of stopping the indiscriminate hunting of the whale, which was seen in danger of extinction, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) proclaimed on July 23, 1986, the World Day Against Whaling, currently known as World Day of the Whales. Whales and Dolphins; It is in this context that Carmen Rubio, director of Municipal Tourism of La Paz, expresses that this municipality has reasons to celebrate it.

He pointed out that the care of our seas is of great importance because they allow us to enjoy the marine riches of nature, especially in BCS. In the municipality of La Paz, we have the visit of the gray whale every year and for three years we have formally enjoyed its sighting in Puerto Chale .

In 2021, 180 specimens were visited and the birth of 20 calves was registered, an event that fills La Paz with pride, since it is a privilege that Mother Nature has decided that this was the optimal place for their reproduction. 

It is then that its presence is an attraction and a reason for visiting national and international tourists, who leave a great economic impact on the entity in general. On this occasion, La Paz had the visit of 6 thousand visitors, during the sighting season that ends between March and April; Of course, he said, all the established health and safety regulations were followed to receive the tourists who came despite the pandemic.

Carmen Rubio took the opportunity to make a call to tour operators, to collaborate with the conservation of marine species and to continue working hand in hand with the health sector so that the restrictions are respected and soon more tourism can be received. 

The care of the gray whale and the whale shark that is also in La Paz, is important, as their presence will help to reactivate the economy.


The Cabo Post