Los Cabos will open its doors to Asian and European tourist

Cancún, 3 de noviembre.- Playa delfines se ha convertido en el lugar favorito para las bodas temáticas por turistas nacionales e internacionales que visitan el estado.

Robbin Hernández, president of the Los Cabos Association of Professionals and Business Leaders, announced that there is a rural debt in the tourism aspect that will be settled and activated, promoting the destination internationally, there are already projects to attract European tourism and Asian, the goal is to be a responsible and quality destination.

Los Cabos will open doors to Asian and European tourism
Robbin Hernández, president of the Association of Professionals and Business Leaders

He expressed that from an analysis carried out on this issue, great needs were seen in the region, among them, making the rural communities of the municipality grow with the objective that all people get involved in tourist activities and get trained.

“We must give value to what they do and that is what we are going to do, the professionalization, training and of the people of rural communities, the purpose of creating a better destination, if we want to evolve and reach a higher position, we must to bet on education and not forget that tourism is done by everyone and is for everyone ”. 

He expressed that there is a rural debt in the tourism aspect, so it is time to settle that pending, and the way to do it is by knocking on the doors since rural communities have a lot to contribute.

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“Doing it in a responsible way no longer, it is like before coming to put the development and stick to what comes, you have to have the vision for 3, 20 or 50 years and you have to start it now, we have to be a world-class destination and not only because of the number of places, companies and businesses, but because of the way in which we begin to create and develop tourism ”.

He concluded by saying that they have captivated foreign tourism but they are knocking on the doors with Japan and France, to bring people from those countries and fortunately, we have very good news from the European country ”.

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