Los Cabos will strengthen tourism with festival and concert segments


Los Cabos will have another segment of tourism, that of festivals and concerts; there are 2 for the end of the year and 8 for 2022

Tony Rodríguez, representative and tourist promoter, announced that there are proposals to strengthen tourism in the destination and bring those who like to enjoy the musical festivals celebrated by great international artists, who will be the hook before their fans to come to the destination, guests who will leave an important economic benefit, since this type of guest will seek other experiences beyond good music, the sun and the beach.

Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodríguez

He indicated that he has been working with the president-elect of Los Cabos, Oscar Leggs Castro, to seek strategies that strengthen the spring breakers segment, in addition to considering other types of tourism, in this case, the likes of concerts by renowned artists. festivals that take place in other beach destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and Cancun Quintana Roo, only Los Cabos was missing.

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In the same way, he said that there are already proposals to bring 2 concerts at the end of this year and 8 more in 2022, so apart from Spring Break, 4 companies will join to do these festivals in Cabo San Lucas, another segment of tourism that will leave important foreign exchange.

“One of the ways that we are going to work and that is going to be strong, is that we are going to bring the artists and we formulate a trip to them, not to us as a company, in which the great stars will pull their fans. and they will sell them the festival instead of us leaving as a company. This type of Festival is very different from what they are used to here in Spring Break, because, it is people from 26 to 60 years of age, tourists very different from what Los Cabos is used to ”.

He indicated that the November festival will be a Reggae event for tourists from 35 to 60 years old, and in December the presentation of a DJ focused on people from 30 to 40, the intention is to bring to Los Cabos all kinds of tourism, both level medium as high, the market segment will seek other experiences beyond the sun and the beach.

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