Nightclubs, casinos, and strip clubs will reopen in La Paz and Los Cabos


The State Health Safety Committee issued the instructions and changes that will apply in La Paz and Los Cabos now that the health traffic light has advanced to a green-one level in these municipalities. They highlight the reopening of businesses such as nightclubs, which include clubs, bars, strip clubs, and casinos, starting this Thursday, October 7.

The nightclubs, according to the authorities, will have limited opening hours, till to 02:00 am, and a capacity of 80% of their total capacity or guarantee compliance with the measure of 1.5 meters of healthy distance

Likewise, establishments or activities such as supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, shops in general, stands of sports fields, rides fairs, boats for parties, concerts, and shows, may operate with up to 80% capacity.

The event halls will have the same capacity percentage limit, complying with the measure of 1.5 meters of healthy distance, as well as a maximum time limit of 02:00 am.

“All types of establishments must have protocols for daily cleaning and disinfection of areas, contact surfaces, and common use. The use of a mask will continue to be a mandatory measure “

“Every establishment must designate a committee or person in charge of the implementation, monitoring, and supervision of the measures for the new normality,” emphasizes the Committee.

The security filters must remain in all establishments, in those with closed spaces, the use of a mask is mandatory at all times and the natural ventilation of the place must be favored

“The establishments must guarantee the distribution of their furniture (chairs and tables in the case of food services) respecting the 1.5 meters of distance between groups of coexistence

“In the case of outdoor recreational activities on beaches and pools, the use of a mask will be mandatory for access to the place and once inside you can withdraw as long as the measure of 1.5 meters of healthy distance between groups of coexistence is maintained” , the Committee specifies


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