UABCS celebrates Academic Week of Fisheries Engineering


With the participation of students, graduates, and members of the scientific community, the thirty-fifth Academic Week of Fisheries Engineering was held, as part of the celebration of the “ Day of the Fisheries Engineer ”, established at the UABCS on October 21, in memory of the former student, Aníbal López, who unfortunately lost his life in the eighties.

Through lectures, contests, a dialogue table between graduates and graduates with active students and the traditional fishing tournament, the Academic Department of Fisheries Engineering, headed by Dr. Ana Isabel Beltrán Lugo, intends to complement through this activity, academic training, while generating a space for integration among the entire community.

According to the General Secretary of the university, Dr. Alba Gámez Vázquez, this event is a reliable example of the work done in this department, which has a very important presence throughout the year in terms of training and research and outreach activities. 

He assured that the social collaboration of the academic community of the area has great relevance, not only in terms of catching, but also of giving added value to seafood products, generating technology and fishing techniques that in the end are put at the service of the population.

Similarly, he highlighted the importance of the inter-institutional relations that are generated with this type of dynamics, as occurs in this edition, which is represented by the National Commission for Fisheries and Aquaculture and the Center for Biological Research of the Northwest

But further, he also emphasized the fact of sharing experiences and projects with the other disciplines taught at the university, which is why he exhorted that under the model of University Social Responsibility promoted by the administration of Rector Dante Salgado, integral solutions are provided from the different academic departments of the UABCS to the problems that today afflict society.


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