2 new tourist developments will operate in Los Cabos


Lilizi Orci, executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, announced that investment in the south of the entity is progressing steadily, expecting by the end and beginning of the year to have 2 new hotel developments in Los Cabos and in 2024 more than 1,500 rooms, most of them luxury, which shows the interest of developers to do business in one of the most important destinations in Baja California Sur. 

He explained that tourism investment in the municipality of Los Cabos is very solid despite the pandemic, that is, the developers did not cancel, they did postpone their projects for several months because economic activities were suspended.

Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, Lilzzi Orci Fregoso

 is that brands or hotels continue to bet on Los Cabos to open their properties and not only in the hotel industry, but also in the real estate sector and it is that there was a record year in the 2020 sales record, something very positive, even the sale of developments and houses continues ”.

She stressed that this speaks well of the destination, that is, things were handled well during the pandemic crisis and how the destination recovered, generating that confidence in investors because they did not cancel the investments, on the contrary, new developments continue to be added and Projects.

Villa La Valencia Beach Resort & Spa Los Cabos, San José del Cabo – Precios  actualizados 2021

“The ones that are going to open soon are 2 hotels, which is an Authentic Vertical that will pay 60 rooms to the destination and that will be opening its doors in December and early January, in addition to Villa de La Valencia will arrive and it will be on the Tourist Corridor and that corresponds to Villagroup; they will be providing around 260 new rooms “

He also said that the arrival of Sant Regis is also expected, which will be in Costa Palma, in addition to 2 ultra-luxury brands, all these hotels or brands are being built now and will be inaugurated in 2023 and 2024, adding around 1,500 rooms. more for the hotel industry.

“The vast majority of hotels that are open and announce new constructions are luxury, this consolidates Los Cabos as a great luxury destination, that is why the imperative need to take care of the quality of service and infrastructure, the guest seeks a place of excellent service, as well as security and tranquility ”.

St. Regis expandirá su presencia y llegará a Los Cabos en 2021

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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