The highest number of COVID infections is recorded in the central area of ​​La Paz BCS


According to the records of the State Secretariat of Health, in the central neighborhood of the city of La Paz is where the highest number of positive cases for Covid-19 is concentrated since according to this information there are around 1500 accumulated cases and In the last 15 days, 12 positive cases were registered.

The above data are of great relevance due to the December period in which the entity is located and before the opening of the Christmas market, it is important that citizens consider these data so that they take their precautions when going to make their purchases especially during this next week to the Christmas festivities.

Therefore, the health authorities made a recommendation to citizens to always make their Christmas shopping with all the protection measures and healthy distance, avoid going to places where there is a high influx of people and not leave their homes unless that is strictly necessary.

Likewise, a reminder was made that despite the fact that the five municipalities are in level 1 of the health alert system, the limit of capacity allowed for La Paz, Los Cabos, Comondú and Mulegé will be 80% while for Loreto it will be limited to 50% due to the incident rate presented during the last week.

Similarly, it was determined that the commercial establishments dedicated to the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in La Paz, Los Cabos and Mulegé have a limited capacity of 70% and 50% for Loreto.

For this reason, the health secretary of the entity, Zazil Flores Aldape, during a press conference, called on the public to continue to maximize the protection measures and healthy distance so that the same history of 2021 is not repeated and we avoid that to Baja California Sur arrived the 4th wave of infections.


The Cabo Post