Mexican Association of Cruises knowingly accepted ships with sick people


Arturo Musi Ganem, president of the Mexican Cruise Association, announced that all the cruises that arrive at the destinations of the Mexican Pacific Riviera and other tourist poles of the country, present active cases of Covid-19.

He indicated that some passengers test positive for the virus, a fact that he considered normal, and that the conditions of the ships require strict control of passengers and crew, in which the health authorities have to do tests on a daily basis, asserting that it is logical that active cases come out.

He added that there are asymptomatic people who have never disembarked from the maritime unit, on the contrary people are isolated from others, he defended what happened on cruise ships as something that will happen not only on cruise ships but also on airlines.

“Each plane that comes to Mexico, that is, it will land in puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Mazatlán and they will check all the passengers, I guarantee that in each plane there would be 10 to 12 asymptomatic, which means that we are going to live with this all the life, that will be normal for that will be the vaccines ”.

He pointed out that the case of those infected inside a ship is something that has to be dealt with, highlighting that in all Mexican and Caribbean ports and other destinations there will be cases of Sars Cov 2, which will be isolated.

“They have isolated people and they are being monitored daily with tests and checks, the matter is controlled and in which you have to learn to live with this and in which the cruise ships have a very strict control on a daily basis,”.

He concluded by saying that this contagion situation has everyone nervous, especially about the new omicron variant:

“This is the new reality, in which shipping companies will have to be more strict and take isolation actions.”


Mexico Daily Post