Due to covid outbreaks among the crew, the La Paz-CDMX flight is canceled


Amid the outbreaks of Aeroméxico crews throughout the country, the administrator of the La Paz International Airport, Jessica Paola Olivo Moreno, confirmed that this Monday, January 10, the first cancellation of a flight that connected to the capital with Mexico City.

According to the Aeroméxico page, these are flights AM 368 MEX-LPZ and AM 367 LPZ-MEX. The administrator of the La Paz International Airport only mentioned that the cancellation was due to a lack of crew, however, since last week the company confirmed that it is due to outbreaks of Covid-19 among airline workers.

He specified that in the case of the airport in the capital, only one flight has been canceled this day and there are no warnings for future suspensions so far.

Since January 6, Aeroméxico has reported at the national level various modifications in its flights due to the wave of infections between flight attendants and pilots, which prevented the take-off of different connections throughout the country.

Likewise, in the last four days, the cancellation of 203 flights of Mexican airlines has been reported at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) due to the contagion of Covid-19 by the crew and workers.

For its part, the Association of Aviation Flight Carriers of Mexico announced that 140 of its members who work at Aeroméxico tested positive for coronavirus.

Source: primerobcs.mx

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