After being abandoned for over 25 years “The Place at Cabo hotel” will begin building


Foundation stone laid to begin reconstruction of The Place at Cabo hotel

Welcome to any project of socially responsible companies that generate employment and benefit the families of Los Cabos, said Oscar Leggs.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- With great pleasure, this Saturday, January 29, the municipal president of Los Cabos, Oscar Leggs Castro, laid the first stone to begin the reconstruction of the hotel “The Place at Cabo”, which will be It is located attached to the Cabo San Lucas Marina, which will have 150 rooms, estimating that it will be ready to operate in a period of approximately 2 years.

In this sense, the mayor of Los Cabos highlighted the importance of this type of investment through socially responsible companies, in accordance with the Municipal Development Plan (PDM) 2021-2024 and that improve the projection of the tourist destination, but above all that promotes social benefit through the generation of jobs for the families of Los Cabos: “we want investments that respect the environment, that allows free access to the beaches and generate more sources of work for local people,” he said.

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The presentation of the master plan was in charge of the businessman and executive president of Grupo Questro, Eduardo Sánchez Navarro Redo, who announced that the project includes: the construction of accesses to communicate the walkways, a commercial area, restaurants, and an interactive museum, as well as than murals with representative themes made by local artists.

He also announced that among the most important attractions of this project, there is a tram for tourists and locals to take a tour appreciating the various landscapes, and a tourist walk from La Marina de Cabo San Lucas to La Marina de San José del Cabo, to make known the beauties of the municipality along the 30 kilometers of distance that connect both cities.

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To conclude, he stressed that with these works a large part of La Marina will be rehabilitated to give it greater prominence, promote coexistence and turn it into a space where there are urban equipment, more lighting, and parking areas, all through a joint effort. that involves the participation of the Government of Los Cabos, the Secretary of the Navy, the National Fund for the Promotion of Truism (Fonatur), IGY Marinas, and the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC).


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