Due to blockades, a red alert could be issued in Los Cabos


The Los Cabos Hotel Association proposes that the tours sold daily through agency representatives in hotel lobbies be transferred via taxis assigned to these spaces.

Mauricio Salicrup, president of the Board of Directors of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, indicated that this way, taxi drivers will stop feeling that they have no business, and, on the other hand, it is also support for the agencies to have this transportation or to allocate their vans to other pre-contracted transportations, so that agreements can be reached more quickly.

He expressed that modernity has grown in Los Cabos, and with it, transportation, because there are even activities that already include the transfer of tourists to the contracted places within their vacation itinerary to visit, but it is something that must be regulated to be with authorized means.

Regarding the impact caused by the vehicular march that took place on Thursday, April 11, which started from the San José del Cabo Convention Center, reaching the Sanluqueña in Cabo San Lucas and returning to the municipal head, to later gather at the Fonatur roundabout where they blocked both directions of the road, he said that it is not yet known how much economic impact there was, nor how many tourists were affected by having missed their flight.

He said that bad news about the municipality is that there are two new American airlines flying to Los Cabos that are sending the destination for review, “this action is very dangerous, since the airlines have a high influence on the decisions made at the embassy and this refers to the alerts.

“I am returning from the Acapulco Tourist Market 2024”, which, although it was a good decision to support a destination that needs it after a hurricane, it was very lackluster, because no American commercial partner could go, motivated by the fact that the port has a red alert at this moment, therefore we are subject to these inspectors arriving and sending a signal that the tourist is not safe in Los Cabos, due to these demonstrations and we can move to the red alert and that would be terrible for everyone.”

The hotel representative said that the arrangements that have been made are not legal issues, since, if it is sought to be addressed in this way, a good end will never be reached, what is really required at the destination is will and trust, “to agree on what each one has to do and carry out the work in that way.”

He explained that taxi drivers will not be able to cope with all the tourism that is being generated, and at the same time, the transporters cannot cope with all the tourism that arrives in Los Cabos, therefore, he insisted that what needs to be done is to accommodate and for each to work what corresponds to them with will and not to be with the distrust of all being on the lookout for where they are attacked, “that has to end now” he said in conclusion, that technical work tables have been established to correct all these issues.

 Source: Sudcaliforniano