Sip, Savor, Stay: Viceroy Los Cabos In San José Del Cabo, Mexico

As the sun lowers, casting a captivating golden glow across the Sea of Cortez, visitors to Viceroy Los Cabos are wrapped in an aura of magic. This sanctuary redefines luxury, serving as a testament to Mexico’s lavishness. Renowned for its exploration of elite destinations, Viceroy Los Cabos emerges as a distinguished jewel in my travel chronicles, offering a trifecta of delights: Gastronomy, Beverages, and Opulent Experiences.

Join me on an enthralling expedition to Viceroy Los Cabos, a place that offers more than just a spot to relax with a glass of wine; it’s a vibrant oasis brimming with life and a plethora of pleasures. Upon arrival, it’s immediately apparent that this is no typical getaway. The resort’s majestic entrance greets you with bold architecture and a contemporary flair that permeates the property. Miguel Angel Aragonés’s design masterfully blends water and light, creating the illusion that the buildings themselves are adrift on the Baja peninsula.


The essence of a fine spirit is encapsulated not only in its flavor but also in the tale it recounts. At Viceroy Los Cabos, each sip extends an invitation to revel in taste profiles that pirouette across your taste buds, enlivening your senses with the storied heritage and artisanship of each component. The refined flavors of agave and citrus pay homage to the exuberant Mexican ethos, while the stylish presentation pays tribute to the stunning architecture enveloping you.

Tequila Tasting

Enjoying a premium tequila on the shores of Los Cabos is inherently romantic, with the gentle warmth of the sun and the ocean’s melody enhancing the experience. This sensory festivity transcends the act of merely enjoying a drink. My own tequila tasting was a masterclass in savoring the delicate nuances of Mexico’s emblematic spirit.

Guided by a connoisseur, I delved into the distinct characteristics of Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo tequilas, each variant narrating its own terroir tale. Amidst the backdrop of the sea at Casero, we explored the saga of agave cultivation and the intricate craft of tequila making.

The session was far from a simple tasting; it was a comprehensive sensory exploration. Appreciating the color, aroma, and texture of the tequila, each taste became a mindful experience. It was evident that tequila, when appreciated with intent, can be a complex and comforting beverage, moving beyond its party-drink image.

Tequila Tasting includes:

– Five small samples of select tequilas

– One mezcal – a rare agave variety

– Sal de gusano

– Handcrafted sangrita

– Sorbet

– Guacamole

– Chocolate truffle

Wine Up or Down

While Spain and South America are traditionally celebrated for their winemaking achievements, Mexico’s wine industry is quietly making a name for itself. Viceroy features an impressive selection of Mexican wines, spotlighting both emerging talents and time-honored labels. Expect to discover esteemed Mexican brands like Monte Xanic and Casa Madero, as well as avant-garde producers such as Vena Cava Vineyards.

Although wine can be enjoyed throughout the resort, I suggest elevating the experience by taking your glass to the Cielomar Rooftop. There, against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset, you can partake in an official wine tasting that includes five Mexican wines complemented by dessert.


Viceroy Los Cabos is a culinary destination where local tastes, sustainable methods, and creative innovations converge. The dining experience here is a harmonious mix of modern and classic, highlighting the diverse flavors of Mexican gastronomy alongside international specialties, all served in environments that are both visually stunning and warmly welcoming. With a variety of dining venues including Casero, Cielomar Rooftop, Nido, Nidito Beach, Otro, and the newly introduced Awacate, Viceroy Los Cabos is truly a food lover’s haven.


Upon entering Viceroy, the eye-catching bird nest-like structure visible from the main lobby is unmissable. I learned from a departing guest that this intriguing “bird nest” is actually Nido, a restaurant. The menu is a finely tuned symphony of bold Japanese flavors harmonizing with the vibrant essence of Mexican cuisine, all crafted with exquisite finesse. Among the standout dishes I enjoyed were:

– Octopus Tiradito – A zesty blend of spicy seaweed vinaigrette, traditional Mexican sauce, and smooth avocado puree.

– Hamachi Tataki – A fusion of habanero kosho-truffle purée, crispy leek, butter, and ponzu.

– Tuna Avocado Roll – A creative twist featuring yuzu guacamole, tuna tartare, asparagus, soy paper, and chives.


Entering Viceroy Los Cabos is like stepping into a world where ‘luxury accommodation’ is redefined, reaching new heights of lavish comfort. The property boasts 190 beautifully designed rooms, most offering breathtaking ocean views, and all the luxury amenities expected of a five-star resort. Accommodations range from Standard Guestrooms to Junior Suites, Suites, and the much-coveted Casitas and Villas, with options from one to five bedrooms, each featuring 24-hour butler service, expansive ocean vistas, and ample space for gatherings of family and friends.

Renewal of Mind and Body

The spa at Viceroy is the gem of the resort, a tranquil retreat where the noise of the outside world fades into silence, leaving a peaceful space for personal reflection and rejuvenation. The 11,000 sq. ft. wellness center offers a comprehensive menu of treatments, from guided meditations to classic massages. During my visit, I was treated to the “Cacao Healing Experience,” a 120-minute session that began with a cacao drink to boost endorphins, followed by an exfoliating scrub of cacao nibs and coffee, and culminating in a soothing cacao cream massage.

Looking ahead to 2024, I’m eager to return for the Harmonyum Healing session, a novel addition to the spa’s offerings. Unique to this hotel spa, Harmonyum Healing is designed to harmonize the body and mind, fostering a balance that resonates with well-being.

Source: Forbes