Quad Bike Racer Goes Flying During Dos Mares 500 Race.


An accident occurred during the off-road competition known as “Dos Mares 500” in Baja California Sur (BCS). A rider was propelled after colliding with a rock. The incident was captured on social media.

The exact moment of the accident shows a quad bike veering off the path and the rider, Juan Carlos Meza Martínez, being thrown toward a small ravine. The images reveal the initial competitor cautiously navigating loose terrain and an immediate curve. However, Meza ultimately collided with a rock along the path, launching his body into the vegetation below.

Concerned social media users expressed solidarity with the injured rider, although his current health status remains undisclosed. Comments such as “Impressive, may he be well,” “Hope he’s okay,” and “Wishing him well” circulated online1.

Source: BBC Noticias