Bodies Found in Clandestine Graves in La Paz Identified

At least six families now have some peace after the bodies of their missing loved ones, found in clandestine graves, have been identified and returned.

The collective Search X La Paz confirmed that 6 of the 18 bodies found in 14 clandestine graves in the stream “El Cajoncito” in La Paz, Baja California, have been identified.

They reported that forensic and DNA tests performed on the recovered bodies in the graves and on relatives of missing persons revealed the names of those citizens who were unlocated or missing.

As a result, the Search X La Paz collective has deactivated the search files for the following individuals:

  • Alfonso Choperena Duarte: Missing since July 10, 2023, in the Virreyes neighborhood in La Paz.
  • José Ignacio López Rincón: Missing since August 14, 2023, on Querétaro and Yucatán streets in the city of La Paz.
  • Juan Alberto Aréchiga Amador: Missing since August 24, 2023, on Guillermo Prieto and 5 de Febrero streets in the Centro area of La Paz.
  • Dora Yamira Peñuelas Salazar: Missing since August 28, 2023, in the Bellavista neighborhood, in La Paz.
  • Enrique Pérez López: Missing since September 28, 2023, in the Paraíso del Sol neighborhood, in La Paz.
  • Juan Joel Villagómez Rivera: Missing since November 10, 2023, in the Paraíso del Sol neighborhood, in La Paz.

We’re Not Looking for Culprits, But Justice: Families of the Missing

Through their social networks, activists from the Search X La Paz collective requested the relevant authorities to continue investigations to clarify these cases, and although they said they are not looking for culprits, they do want to know what happened.

Members of the missing persons organization stated that there is no judicial file following up on the disappearance reports, let alone the discovery of the clandestine graves in “El Cajoncito.”

Therefore, they asked all relatives of missing persons to be patient regarding the identification of the rest of the bodies found in the clandestine ovens.

According to the collective’s publication shared on social networks, the identities of the other bodies to be delivered to their loved ones for a dignified burial will be announced this week and the next.

Three Bodies Delivered to Families in La Paz

The Search X La Paz collective confirmed that three of the 18 bodies located in the stream “El Cajoncito” were delivered to their families.

Source: TV Azteca