I had my $80,000 dream wedding in Mexico – including $3,000 on fireworks

Misaki Hajimirsadeghi and her husband Amir, both 29, spent their life savings to have the perfect destination wedding at the Nobu Hotel, Los Cabos, Mexico. The couple saved up $100,000 for the big day, which was attended by 75 guests who stayed at the hotel.

The total cost of the wedding came out to be $80,230.78, with the majority spent on catering and drinks ($28,860), flowers ($4,595), and fireworks ($2,800). The couple opted for an intimate ceremony in their bedroom, exchanging vows with just each other present.

Misaki, who works in finance, said that despite the high cost of the wedding, it was more affordable compared to other weddings they have been to. She added that the intention was not to have an expensive wedding, but rather to be a more affordable one while still making it special and memorable for their loved ones.

The couple’s decision to spend their money on a destination wedding allowed them to bring all of their family and friends together in one place, which they said was worth every penny. According to Misaki, the wedding was “the most perfect day” and “bang for my buck.” She added that it was hard to plan a vacation with family and friends as adults, but the only way to do so was through a wedding.

Misaki and Amir met each other through a friend at college but didn’t start dating until three years after they left. They got engaged on December 26, 2022, and spent the next year planning their special day.

In total, Misaki and Amir’s wedding cost breakdown is as follows:

* Catering and drinks: $28,860

* Wedding planner: $4,640

* Flowers: $4,595

* Ceremony rentals: $275

* Shoes and dress: $3,157

* Tuxedo and shoes: $1,200

* Veil: $152

* Hair and makeup: $300

* Rings: $5,820

* Invitations: $549

* DIY materials: $100

* Tables, chairs, linens, flatware, and bar: $5,740

* Seating chart: $1,440

* Guestbook: $400

* Welcome bags: $700

* Photographer: $4,400

* Videographer: $3,364

* Content creator: $1,500

* DJ: $3,646

* Second dress: $165

* Gloves: $7

* Champagne tower: $320

* Fireworks: $2,800

* Total: $80,230.78

Source: NY Post