Mexico National Guard Roads Division shows off their new patrol units and colors to the public

First they were the uniforms, now the patrol cars undergo change and they are presented so that society can recognize them, reported the chief inspector of the agency

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- White, Black, an eagle in the middle, is the color that will be worn by the Social Proximity Police units that for some months now have been part of the National Guard

The chief inspector Karlo Castillo Gracia, reported that in a first stage the uniforms of the elements changed color so that the users of the highway sections could locate them and to give them confidence, as of Monday, May 4, 11 radio patrols went out to tour the various areas with the image that unifies the corporation with Sedena and Semar, that is, the aforementioned colors.

“There are units with the new color scheme to be able to unify all the units that belonged to the National Guard, Highway Safety Division and facilities, it was previously known a POLICIA FEDERAL”

Castillo Gracia explained that all the units will have the color scheme, for now the units in circulation are added to the sanitation filters, in the midst of contingency.


The Mazatlan Post