1,260 people reported missing in Mexico during the pandemic

During the first three months of the pandemic in Mexico, 1,260 disappeared persons were reported, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

During the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic 1,260 people disappeared in Mexico , according to the second report from the Undersecretariat for Human Rights, Population and Migration

Of the 1,260 disappeared persons registered by the National Commission for the Search of Persons (CNB) during the months of March, April and May; 754 are men and 506 women , explained the report from the Undersecretariat of the Interior.

Before the CNB’s search, as well as that of the local and federal authorities, 551 people were located, that is, 56.3% continue to be found. However, 513 people were found alive and 38 had already died.

According to the report that the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) and the CNB collated in January of this year, from the 1960s to January 2019, the country still does not locate 61,637 people .

In May of this year, a group of mothers and relatives of disappeared people from different southern states stood outside the Segob facilities to demand that the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV) provide food and housing support .

Photo: Segob Report

After the austerity decree was published on April 23, the CEAV warned that its essential activities could be stopped, but the Interior government ruled out the fact .

” (It) will suffer a major impact on its operation, compared to any other agency or body of the federal government, since it does not own any of the properties in which it operates, most of its services are subcontracted and a large part of the staff He was hired irregularly ”, detailed the CEAV at the time in a statement.

Given this, the families of the absentees set up a camp outside the National Palace as a request to the federal authorities to secure financing for the agency. However, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ruled out the disappearance and financial cuts to the Commission.

For June 19, the Executive confirmed the resignation of Mara Gómez as head of the CEAV, which she asserted, was at the request of the relatives .

This Wednesday, the families raised the sit-in in front of the National Palace due to the health risk to which they were exposed by the covid-19 pandemic; Although they welcomed Gómez’s resignation before the Commission, they stressed that the authorities have not complied with his demands.

Source: forbes.com.mx

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