“Chef for Los Cabos” provides food to 9 thousand families

The food day lasted six weeks and was delivered to soup kitchens of the municipality. It was made possible by the support of sponsors, organizations 

The food sessions for the network of popular kitchens in the municipality of Los Cabos concluded satisfactorily, benefiting a total of 9 thousand needy families during the 6 weeks of the exercise, organized by the Chefs for Los Cabos movement with the support of Alianza para la Food Security in Baja California Sur, Community Alliance, Rotary Club, and countless sponsors who contributed to this effort.

This was reported by Edgar Román, coordinator of the Chefs Movement for Los Cabos that year after year carries out with the group of more than 80 chefs various community support activities, on other occasions they held events to raise funds and deliver them to those most in need, but on this occasion, due to the pandemic, they decided to hold the food days.

“In total we made 1,500 meals a week, 6 weeks of work in 16-hour days of preparations by the chefs as well as the next day doing all the deliveries, the Rotary Club Cabo San Lucas del Mar that always supports us in all these tasks they were in charge of supporting with the fundraising, there was a minimum donation fee of 1,200 pesos by means of which they guaranteed food for 20 people per week and we had the collaboration of many sponsors ”, he highlighted.

They had many sponsors, including the International Convention Center, which provided its first-class kitchens and the best hygiene measures to prepare food. The day concluded yesterday and reiterated that they hope to repeat this work next year, the chefs are willing to support the destination and return a little how much this beautiful place has given them.

“This week the following dining rooms were supported, Give to Receive, Captain’s Children, Single Mothers, Sarahuaro, Cocina del Vado de Santa Rosa, Raíces y Lazos, which is for older adults, dining room of San José Viejo, Divina Misericordia and Cáritas” .

Also at the end of the day, they donated all the product that was left, from seeds, cereals, legumes, cleaning products, 60 kilos distributed among all the dining rooms.

This translated into investment is very important, only vegetables the donation each week was 12 thousand pesos, not counting the proteins and other foods that were used during the day.

He stressed that it is a selfless work in this movement, the most important thing for all the participating chefs was to get to do the best and the richest possible things, being a cook we like to flatter people through the palate and it was no exception. on this journey; Chefs from various countries participated, France, Germany, Italy, Chile, the United States, Spain, the most important chefs of the destination were collaborating.

Finally, he said that hopefully and people realize that it is worth helping and when they see movements like these support them, many people can support and sometimes have certain doubts, but in these activities, several teams are formed, one of them is in charge of the backgrounds so that everything is transparent.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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