Los Cabos expects jobs to recover by end of the year

Armando Espino Insunza, president of the Los Cabos Association of Human Resources Executives, announced that the municipality has had a crisis that is fortunately going through, hoping by the end of years to have a very important recovery in job positions, since the South of the entity is an attractive destination for investment.

He explained that after the pandemic and the wave of unemployment that occurred months ago, many people are looking for a way to get ahead and have a job to support their homes, “and one of them is having to be on a cruise ship or under the bridge offering some service ” .

He said that as employment recovers and the capacity allowed to receive people in public areas opens even more, surely the sources of employment will grow, it is a matter of time for things to recover.

He said that at the beginning of the pandemic there were three months of closure of activities and social isolation, April, May and June time in which the economy stopped and obviously has a general impact on the entire population.

He stressed that as time has passed the recovery of jobs has been gradual, hoping in the coming months to have more jobs available.

Regarding migration, he said that most of the people who reside in Los Cabos are from other states, because they are attracted by the job offer offered by investors, so the arrival of people from other states is a constant.

“Due to the pandemic, development projects stopped and everything froze, causing unemployment in the town, a situation that will recover by the end of the year.”


The Cabo Post