“La Migra” Ice agent buys tamales from a Mexican on the wall because Trump is leaving (video)


With a new president-elect, it seems that in the United States they love us again because even the immigration agents do ” business ” with a paisa.

Now Donald Trump is leaving now you can even to buy tamales at the border wall! In Tik Tok video that went viral in which an Ice agent that in Mexico are known as “La Migra” buys tamales from a paisano who sell right on the border line with the United States.

The paisano was so sure of how good his tamales are that he told the Ice agent: “Try it and if you don’t like it, you won’t pay me,” while giving quoting him a price of a dollar.

Speaking of the United States and as you probably already know, Donald Trump lost the presidency re-election and with it will end his speech that “Mexico will pay the border wall” that he got tired of cackling during his four years in office, although obviously now the great doubt It is what position Joe Biden will take on immigration issues.

Joe Biden, new president of the United States. On November 3, elections were held in the United States and after several days waiting for a final result, on Saturday 7 Joe Biden was declared the new president- elect, being the oldest elected to the White House at 78 years of age. and in his cabinet will be the first black woman vice president, Kamala Harris .

Source: mediotiempo.com, milenio.com

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