Alert of Scams and massive hacks of WhatsApp accounts reported in BCS


Mass Hacking in WhatsApp accounts. This is a dangerous scam in which cybercriminals impersonate some of your contacts and request to make money transfers, as reported on the official Facebook page, Defensoras Digitales. 

Likewise, they provided general instructions, to avoid hacking or theft of the WhatsApp account, these instructions consist of activating the verification in two steps, in this way any attempt to verify the number will request a 6-digit PIN number, known only by the user.

It is recommended to avoid making deposits or transfers, without first corroborating the necessary information, which ensures that you are not victims of a scam.

“It is a good time to check the security in your networks” announces the page.

In case of being the victim of a suspicious message, it is important NOT to click on any part of the conversation, block the telephone number, take a screenshot and make a report on the PGJE BCS Cybernetic Division page, at the telephone number 612-165- 5280 or to the email [email protected].

In the same way, the Digital Defenders page invites you to take all the recommended measures, especially in these December dates, to avoid being victims of Fraud.


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