Los Cabos tourist destination that guarantees free and safe beaches

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- The government chaired by Armida Castro Guzmán continues to work to maintain Los Cabos as a model municipality in the care and management of beaches; In this sense, the municipal coordinator of Zofemat Los Cabos, Javier Ontiveros Fabián, explained that -following the indications of the Los Cabos Health Safety Committee-, hygiene protocols have been implemented in the 11 beaches that were authorized to keep open during the health contingency.

“The filters have been successful because this type of service is being provided only in Los Cabos, at the national level there is no coastal municipality that is taking preventive actions,” said Ontiveros Fabián, while detailing that before entering a Cabeña beach, Zofemat staff make sure that users wear the mask correctly, provide antibacterial gel and take body temperature; in the same way, they take care that the healthy distance between visiting groups is respected, as well as the allowed capacity.

To conclude his participation, the coordinator of Zofemat Los Cabos recalled that at the time, some of the beaches had a pen that controlled access, however, the municipal authority heeded the call and Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán led his withdrawal so that today there is free and safe access.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that Los Cabos ranks first in Latin America for having 22 beaches with the Blue Flag distinctive, this is possible thanks to the work that Zofemat Los Cabos carries out in terms of information and environmental education, water quality, environmental management, security and services.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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