Thanks to its high standards in its sanitation and cleaning processes, Los Cabos becomes the first destination with certified sanitary measures worldwide.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic affected the tourism industry in our country, Los Cabos can boast of being one of the destinations that were able to adapt and overcome this issue. Not for nothing has it just been named the first certified travel destination, worldwide, with the highest health safety standards. National proud!

As they read it. The Sharecare company, which is in charge of evaluating the hygiene and health protocols that are carried out in several of the most important tourist destinations in the world, gave validation to the hotels of Los Cabos for having high standards in their sanitation processes, cleaning, ventilation and even the application of rapid COVID-19 tests.

Los Cabos is the first travel destination certified with the highest health safety standards

Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, General Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (Fiturca), said in an interview with Forbes Mexico that the Sharecare company performs its evaluations in real-time since it incorporates the reviews that people make when arriving at the resorts of this destination and also those of travel intermediaries.

Esponda Cascajares highlighted that one of the measures that helped this certification was the “Los Cabos Takes You Care”, which consisted of applying COVID-19 tests massively and free of charge to detect asymptomatic cases among hotel employees and guests in them.

Thanks to this, travelers will now feel safer during their stay.

According to the director of Fiturca, many of the tourists care about having safety and hygiene in the destinations they visit. That is why this certification for Los Cabos will help many of them feel fully confident about going on vacation during the pandemic and receive the attention and security they deserve.

Los Cabos, like several beaches in the country, will open its doors for the next Easter holidays. However, for the moment the place –and all its places such as hotels, beaches, restaurants, etc.– only operate at 50% of their total capacity, in addition to monitoring the entrances with the corresponding protocols.

Source: sopitas.com

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