Los Cabos Hotel Association negotiates opening of flights with Canada


Canadian tourists an extremely important sector for Los Cabos

Lilzzi Orcí, executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, revealed to CPS Noticias that in the near future Canada will open its borders, which is why they have begun talks to reopen flights as they are a very important tourism sector for the destination.

Lilzzi Orcí

She pointed out that as of May, Canada opens its borders, which have been closed since January, which is why they have initiated talks with the main commercial partners in order to give rise to the reopening of flights to and from Canada and thus see the allocation of seats for Los Cabos and know from the reservations the percentage of occupancy that will be had.

She revealed that Canadian tourism is of great importance to Los Cabos since his stay is approximately two weeks, which implies an excellent economic benefit. 

“We continue in the talks with the commercial partners to see how we are going to be receiving Canadian tourists and obviously for our part we are thinking about the logistics of the PCR tests that they request, and we are activating with the different hotels to be able to provide them to the Canadian vacationer the best ways to take this test, obviously both logistically and financially so that it does not affect the budget that he already has destined for a trip, “She said.

Finally, he stressed that given the great progress in the subject of vaccination abroad, the population begins to have confidence to travel and with this he said:

“We hope to have a good flow of Canadian tourists for these next few months.”

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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