International Sport Fishing Association (IGFA) has already set its eyes on Baja California Sur


The Florida-based International Sport Fishing Association (IGFA) has already set its eyes on Baja California Sur, sharing what is called the passport to sport fishing, which is nothing other than fishing clinics. children that have been developing for many years in the state geography, as reported by Clicerio Mercado Hernández, coordinator of the Sport Fishing Tournaments in Baja California Sur.

Success story sport fishing tournaments: Clicerio Mercado 

He indicated that in Isla Natividad, Bahía Asunción, Santa Rosalía, is where children’s fishing tournaments have been promoted and they have also been promoted through the Rotary Club, all these activities have been carried out to encourage culture by the practice of fishing have made IGFA turn around to see what Baja California Sur is doing, highlighted Mercado Hernández.

He stressed that the IGFA recognizes the work that has been done to promote this sporting activity in the state, because first of all the community is being told that it can engage in sport fishing and that they have the capacity to do so, in addition to he is teaching children and generating future fishermen; “Sportfishing is in your blood, you cannot be a fisherman overnight, a good fisherman is hard to train, there are stories of many boat capitals that have been practicing this sport for years and have not been able to win a Bisbee tournaments.

Another aspect that he detailed is that in many of the communities committees have been formed, such as López Mateos and El Cardonal, which are the ones that promote the continued holding of tournaments in their communities and these tournaments have a reason to be in the four educational entities with which account.

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Continuing with the concern of the tournaments, he abounded, apart from generating new fishermen, having people from sport fishing, the economy of the places moves, local boats are rented, prizes are generated that remain in the community and In addition, the idea has already been generated that in any part of the state, shore and high seas fishing can be carried out.

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Although there are problems such as predation with shrimp or tuna boats, sardines are all part of the environment but if the IGFA recognizes something, it is the success story that these tournaments represent in the state because they generate economic income and are also promoting the generation of a school on the practice of sport fishing. 

The coordinator of the Bisbee’s tournaments, said that the economic spill of each tournament is different and there are some that it is more important that the tournament is made than what it spills, speaking of Pelayo tournaments that will take place in June and that will leave an economic spill modest of 1 million dollars between fuel, food, lodging, plane tickets and with all foreign participants.

The 12 million dollars that the Bisbee’s tournaments leave in Los Cabos in a week and a half, followed by the tuna tournament that leaves very important spills and also an awards dinner, and even the Orsan company tournament that brings to Los Cabos up to 30 executives with their families, together with suppliers, people who spend plane tickets, lodging at the destination, food to be in a tournament of one or two days.

He also highlighted that most of the tournaments have a common purpose, a percentage of that money that is generated is destined to charities, for example, the Tuna tournament supports so that the cleft lip and cleft palate clinics continue to be carried out, this year the doctors who carry out the surgeries will return in September and Orsan provides more than 50 wheelchairs each year and supports children with glasses needs.

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He summarized that sportfishing tournaments apart from the economic spillover they generate are the economic impulse, once it is heard that the Bisbee’s is going to take place it is known that the economy will be less hit than last year by the pandemic.


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