The celebration of the foundation of Santiago Baja California Sur is approaching


Los Cabos. Members of the Committee for the Celebration of the Tricentennial of the Santiago Mission Foundation, met with representatives of civil associations, such as Grupo Raíces, Yenekamú, Santiago Huellas de Historia, as well as the Local Tourist Council, Ejido de Santiago, and the parish priest of the Santiago Mission, in order to add them to the celebrations that will take place from July 24 to August 24 of this year.

Likewise, the representatives of the civil associations were made aware of part of the artistic, cultural and educational program that has already been approved by the Committee, such as the holding of a cultural gastronomic event to start the celebrations for the Tricentennial of the Foundation of the Santiago Mission, with the presence of chefs from the rural area, -It should be noted that in this event the sanitary measures will be complied with and the capacity allowed by the Baja California Sur Health Alert System will be respected.

During the round table, it was explained that it is important that civil associations set the tone and contribute ideas to nurture the program that seeks to show the history and identity of Cabeña; For this reason -in addition to the presentation of poems on the opening day, as well as the historical conferences of the Santiago community-, the artistic and cultural activities proposed by the civil associations will be presented to the Committee for its knowledge and approval to be part of the celebration for the celebration of the 300 years of the Foundation of the Mission of Santiago.


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