Los Cabos Netflix movie “Casa Hogar” premiers May 27th


Thanks to the participation that Casa Hogar had in the Bisbee’s Tournament in 2014 and in which they were winners, they were able to cover the needs and effects that hurricane ‘Odile’ left in the place. 

It should be noted that thanks to the donation of a charitable soul, the children and guardians of these minors were able to participate in this contest that charged $ 30,000 per team. 

This story that moved society and the organizers of the international event was made known to film producers in the United States and Netflix itself, provoking interest in exposing the case on screen 

The film called Milagro Azul in Spanish is a film production that Netflix made, which means the tourist promotion of the destination, in addition to reflecting the shortcomings of Los Cabos. 

They reveal that the film will premiere on the streaming platform on May 27.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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