Cabo tourist areas infested with child exploitation

The tourist area of Cabo San Lucas considered a first-rate site for those who visit it, has become a workplace for minors, who have to live at the risk of the pandemic, among adults, music, alcohol, drugs and vulnerable to abuse, while businessmen and society watch as generations come and go, a bad practice that hides something dark that apparently, the authorities are not interested in clarifying and that the population should put pressure on.

Carlos Tinoco Balderas, president of businessmen of the Center of Cabo San Lucas, announced that the beach of El Médano, the Marina and Center of Cabo San Lucas are crowded with children selling chewing gum or handicrafts, there are even groups of 8 to 20 children in the area of ​​the Navy that they get off the boats with foreigners and in which nobody does something about it, a problem that has been accentuated after the economic reactivation.

Child exploitation at CSL

“It is enough to go to the beach, get off the boats and see 8, 10, 20 children without masks, conglomerates, trying to sell merchandise and exposed to aberrations. When the economy in Los Cabos reactivated, the tourist area was filled with minors, that is, as soon as the State Health Alert Traffic Light changed color and the different Health instances allowed us to reactivate, the groups of children immediately made a presence and today the area is infested ”.

He asserted that Los Cabos is a destination of opportunities, in which the adult has all the possibilities of finding work, whether in the hotel sector, services, construction or any other trade, so it is inhumane to have minors working, exposed to any aberration or disease, especially considering the risks that exist with the health contingency.

Child exploitation at CSL

“The south of the entity is a land to get ahead and work when an adult looks for a better source of work, he will find it, whether, in hotels, restaurants, bars, jewelers, there are many job opportunities in Los Cabos, so exploiting a minor for work shows that there is something dark about this issue ”.

He concluded that in the downtown area, businessmen have sought to discourage this bad practice, being respectful and careful that it does not happen, however, the presence in said area is not so much, compared to the beach of El Médano and the Navy“That is where the community should exert pressure for the authorities to attend.”

Child exploitation at CSL


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