Baja California Sur PES Candidate will seek to annex the Sea of Cortez to Mexico


One of our main actions will be to seek the incorporation of the Gulf of California or the Sea of ​​Cortez into the national maritime territory of Mexico, this is of great impact because we would end the great depredation that exists, this was announced by Lorenia Lineth Montaño Ruiz, candidate for federal deputy for District 02 of Baja California Sur, for the Encuentro Solidario Party.

He argued that the benefit will also be reflected in an economic way for all those fishermen who in that way would have the opportunity to go to a closer port and area and not have to go so far to get the product of the sea, which is their source of employment and livelihood of their families.

Montaño Ruiz said that the situation in which international ships prey on species is known to all and that is the reason why this initiative will be addressed and defended within the framework of her work as a federal legislator. He stressed that the subject of sport fishing is in the same situation, another relevant aspect in said proposal for its optimal benefit.

He said that the Gulf of California is in the international framework and its extension does not belong to the United Mexican States, “Legally there are 12 nautical miles framed in the national maritime territory, and from then on there is a strip until the north crossing Of the peninsula; It is a strip that exists that is of international waters and that obviously there lends itself to illicit practices, therefore it is important that we can safeguard our seas, species and obviously our national security ”.

Finally, he commented that each and every one of his actions are directed with the firm intention of rescuing and safeguarding the territorial values ​​of the localities that make up the federal electoral district 02, with a track record in defense of the life of Los Cabos society. and experience within her functions as a legislator in the Baja California Sur Congress.


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