Passengers in Los Cabos buses hide so as not to be seen by covid inspectors


A new modus operandi emerged as a result of the increased surveillance of public transport in Los Cabos, as now passengers hide to disguise the capacity within the units.

And, after the great growth of Covid-19 infections in the municipality, it was agreed to increase surveillance in transport and only allow people to sit, but it seems that this is not an option for many.

Mainly during peak hours, citizens have shown with images that passengers bend down or sit on the floor of buses so that they will not sanction the units for breaking with the permitted capacity.

Citizen Areli explained that it is necessary that in the hours where they leave work, they increase the routes because they leave many citizens waiting, while other drivers ask passengers to sit where they can even if they are going to “burst”.

On the other hand, there has also been the problem of crowds of people in the busiest stops of the municipality as not all passengers are picked up by the units.


The Cabo Post