La Paz and Los Cabos at level 5 Covid-19 traffic light


The number of hospitalizations breaks a record, there are 286, with 112 intubated; Mulegé, Loreto and Comondú are still in number 3

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- By agreement of the Health Safety Committee, from June 23 to 29, the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos fall back to level 5 Critical (in a table of 6) of the Health Alert System, which includes the most relevant limits capacity by 30%, while Comondú, Loreto and Mulegé remain in the 3 Alto.

As of June 22, Baja California Sur registered the highest number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 with 286, of which 112 are intubated; There are 2,093 active cases and 265 suspects, and the municipality of Los Cabos stands out as the most critical area with 1,266 active cases, followed by La Paz, which has 745, and a reproduction speed of 1.02 infections.


In Los Cabos, the positivity rate skyrocketed to 60.96 positive cases per 100 tests applied, without any indicator to suggest that it is going down, while Loreto registered the lowest with 23.85.

The reduction in capacity to only 30 percent applies at this level 5 for La Paz and Los Cabos, municipalities where activities should be interrupted tourist agencies, ecotourism and camps, beauty salons, furniture stores, electrical appliances and similar, shops of electronics, jewelry and perfumery and cosmetic stores, as well as video game retail stores, shoe repair stores, cell phone accessories retail, gyms and closed sports centers, among others.

Hotels and restaurants will be able to operate at 30% of their capacity, and it is expected that in the coming days the Health Safety Committee will approve some adjustments at this level, the restrictions of which were designed at the beginning of the pandemic.


At a press conference, Health Secretary Víctor George Flores reported that the entity is in a critical situation, particularly La Paz and Los Cabos; highlighted the cumulative increase in the number of hospitalized for Covid-19, with patients with an average age of 45 years, against that of between 55 and 60 in the previous months, patients who currently double the length of hospitalization than was previously 2 weeks to conclude with death or recovery; In recent weeks, the average age of intubated is 47 years.

The official clarified that some of the deceased had their complete vaccination scheme, and recalled that receiving the biological only reduces the chances of getting sick and dying, so he reiterated the call to citizens to reduce mobility, once sanitary measures have been relaxed in recent weeks: Let’s not wait for the government or other people to take care of us; We have lowered our guard, we have become quite confident, it has been socialized and these are the results, he said.

Víctor George Flores admitted that even though there is sufficient installed capacity to meet the demand for hospitalizations considering planned expansions in both La Paz and Los Cabos, there is a risk of lack of personnel; In anticipation of the above, he announced that personnel hired by INSABI assigned to the military hospital will be integrated into the Ministry of Health, and that the reconversion of beds will continue in both IMSS and ISSSTE, with more respiratory support equipment and personnel. from other entities that will arrive shortly.


According to the IMSS delegate José Luis Ahuja, only in Los Cabos, they are going to increase to 97 beds in hospital number 26 and ventilators and monitors have already been received; Hospital 26 was converted to 100%; Patients with respiratory problems must go to hospital number 26, in addition to all family medicine units will continue to work with

In order to avoid contagion risks, adult beneficiaries are asked to send family members to fill their prescriptions in addition to the fact that refills are already operating and that care for non-Covid patients will be offered at hospital number 38 San José del Cabo .

In the case of La Paz, Hospital 1 has 55 beds working and with growth capacity, with a temporary hospital that will open in the next few days. As of June 21, of the 409 beds available throughout the state, 286 were occupied.

Meanwhile, Baja California Sur remains the entity with the lowest positivity rate with 43%, against the national average which is 63%; the fatality rate is also the lowest in the country with 4.38 deaths per 100 patients, while the national average is 9.34.

By municipalities, Mulegé has 18 active cases; Mulege 19; Comondu 61; La Paz 813 and Los Cabos 1344.


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