Los Cabos hotel occupation is 30% national tourism and 70% foreign


They will verify that workers over 30 who already have the Covid-19 vaccine

Los Cabos, BCS. – “Los Cabos has established itself as a destination of excellence, which puts us in the eyes of the whole world that attracts celebrities of international and national stature, this helps to continue strengthening the segment that is luxury, that promotes on social networks because it is aspirational, we see that your favorite artist was in Los Cabos and that is why we also want to visit this beach pole ”external Lilzi Orci.

It is something exceptional in terms of image for the destination and it is something of which we should be proud because we must remember that this type of segment seeks quality and excellence in service and it is something that in Los Cabos is recognized worldwide for that as well. than in the quality of the infrastructure in this destination.

For this reason, the executive president of the Hotel Association said that we must give it the importance it should and follow up on the health protocols, in order to reduce the infections that are taking place in the municipality of Los Cabos, and where hoteliers continue implementing all the health measures both in the rooms, as well as with the collaborator and the visitor to show and send that message abroad that everyone’s health is safe here.

He also expressed that, it is verified with the around 35 thousand collaborators, those over 30 who already have the vaccine and those who do not, to urge them to apply the dose of the biological, and that it is expected that for the week that starts if those over 18 years of age or older are already immunized and be protected, although it must be said that counting the vaccine does not guarantee that they cannot be a carrier, but it does help to make the symptoms less aggressive, he concluded by exhorting everyone The citizens to put their will and support so that this wave of contagions can diminish it depends on the economies being able to continue with their recovery and decline further.

Source: elsudcaliforniano.com.mx

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