Baja California Sur man does take it with him and is buried in his truck


The news out of the ordinary often travel around the world, but rarely imagine that one will come very close to us, as is the case for the funeral of Mr. Adam Arana, from Puerto San Carlos the municipality of Comondu, BCS, at his death, was buried along with his pick up truck, a fact that filled the place with assistants.

The events were recently made known through videos and images shared in WhatsApp groups of the fishing community and tourist spot Puerto San Carlos, which in connection with friends and family from Ciudad Constitución, the community capital, ended up giving the news. 

Viral: entierran a hombre con su camioneta en BCS - Uno TV

As is known, the vehicle had been a gift from one of his sons, but due to health problems, Don Adán Arana had not been able to enjoy it, so a large enough burial pit was ordered to be made in which it could fit. At the time of the burial the two were placed; Don Adan’s coffin was placed in the bed of the truck.


During the last months, Mr. Adán faced cancer. After his death, his body was placed in his vehicle and subsequently buried. The images were shared by family and friends who came to say goodbye.

Don Adán was identified as a loved and respected person in the community, he was recognized as one of the founders of the fishing activity, but that view of the vehicle descending into the pit thanks to a crane and the earth that covered them, did not stop surprise the assistants who decided to capture the images of the burial. As is known, the authorities were not aware that this procedure would be carried out to say farewell to Don Adán Arana.

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