LEPMX paint “magical streets” in Los Cabos to promote the recovery of public spaces


Endemic flora and fauna were captured in almost 500 square meters of Manuel Doblado and Idelfonso Green streets.

Several meters from the streets of Manuel Doblado on the corner of Idelfonso Green in the center of San José del Cabo were full of color, after the Laboratory of Public Spaces of Mexico (LEPMX) brought to Los Cabos through the program “intervention of tactical urbanism” the “Magic streets” for the benefit of passersby.

In the framework of World Cities Day, the crossing of streets was inaugurated, which was an initiative carried out in collaboration with the IMPLAN Los Cabos, the College of Architects of Baja California Sur, and the Institute of Culture and the Arts, to promote the recovery of public spaces with “magic streets” that promote safe, healthy, sustainable and supportive mobility.

The intervened area was 453.20 M2 and was carried out for 3 days by 3 local artists, Alfredo Sosa, José Marrón and Guillermo “Bill” Olvera, who the latter made a donation of a complete mural as part of the project, for the kindergarten which is located in the area, and the design of the murals which consists of endemic flora and fauna.

The urban planner and director of LEP MX, Ari Valverdi Moroni explained that Los Cabos is the second destination in which the magical streets program is implemented that will reach other cities in Mexico, he pointed out that with the initiative they are responding to a local problem and passersby are given priority.

Source: primerobcs.mx

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