USD-Peso Exchange Rate November 5th

The closer the opening of the border, the more movements with the peso-dollar exchange rate; so if you are going to travel to the neighboring country, exchange pesos for dollars before it becomes more expensive

Mexico.- Only three days separate Mexico and the United States from opening their borders after just over a year and a half-closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic; and while this happens, the dollar continues to move, this time, in favor of those who are about to travel as of November 8. 

The Bank of Mexico published in the Official Gazette of the Federation for today and the weekend, the exchange rate to settle obligations denominated in foreign currency payable in the Mexican Republic at $20.6242 MN, lower than the $20.8352 MN with which closed the previous day

Buying or selling dollars in banks and other financial entities will represent the following since they mark the exchange rate at 20,475, this day they buy the dollar at 20,1595, they sell it at 20,7906 pesos; in the week it gains 0.16%, the month 0.16%; in the month it decreases -0.11 and so far this year it increases 3.09%.

So if you are going to buy or sell dollars, you will make some other transaction under this denomination, or you prepare to change your pesos to go to the United States for a walk, shopping or for medical reasons, check where they offer you a better price and Go to whoever suits you best. If you want to know which bank or finance company gives you more or less pesos per dollar, check the following table. 

The peso-dollar exchange rate set by financial entities for today in Mexico.

Do you want to know how the exchange rate has been established so far this month, and the projection by financial entities for tomorrow?

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