Great optimism for Los Cabos 2022


The destination widely exceeded the level of tourists prior to the pandemic and is committed to recovering weight-emitting markets

To find out about the news and future plans of Los Cabos, during IMEX 2021 we have been able to talk with Rodrigo Esponda, Managing Director of Los Cabos Tourism Board. We share the answers below:

How do you describe the current situation at the destination?

We are positioning the destination, we will close the year growing 15% compared to pre-pandemic levels, exceeding 3 million air visitors to the destination.

For next year we have the challenge of diversifying because the visitors we have had have been mainly from the United States issuing market, we know that in 2022 other possibilities with great potential will begin to open, so we have to work to attract travelers From Canada, South American countries and Europe, new flights must arrive and at the same time, we will need to diversify the experiences we have in the destination.

What is the positioning of Los Cabos as a destination?

Los Cabos is well-positioned in the luxury tourism segment and our growth has been greater than that of other regions. We have worked to offer the best security protocols and at the same time make sure we can have competitive prices. We think that by 2022 the recovery will be asymmetric. In markets like the United States, Covid-19 will not affect us as much as in the past. There the measures and protocols for travel have already been naturalized. If we must work hard to grow in Canada, South America and Europe since they have not traveled internationally in the proportion that they are doing in the United States.

What plans do you have in the short and medium-term to continue on the path of growth?

We have to start the repositioning by offering health security measures above other elements, we believe that there we also have a great opportunity to continue advancing and offering to different market segments, not only in a luxury segment. We really have options for all types of visitors. We can offer added value above other destinations.

Does connectivity play a vital role, how is Los Cabos connected and what news can there be in the coming months?

We are very well connected within Mexico, with direct flights to Cancun, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, but we also continue working to add more routes to Puebla, Guadalajara, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and Torreón. 80% of our visitors come from the international market and therefore our promotion and work development has been in other countries, but there are opportunities in the national market.
The United States is our most important source market due to its proximity. Canada in our secondary market and that there has to be more specific development work there to regain ground lost due to the closure of its borders.

What infrastructure do you currently have?

The infrastructure is state-of-the-art at a general level, we have a totally new airport, we have a water treatment plant from which desalinated drinking water is obtained for all hotels, that is to say that our properties are self-sufficient, something vital taking into account sustainability in natural resources.

What is the strategy to recover the MICE segment?

We are promoting our destination for the MICE segment, currently, it represents 20% of the reserved rooms with a higher average rate than in other destinations.

Regarding promotion, we are working intensely to attract events in Mexico, the United States, Canada and also in countries in South America and Europe. We have a different product than many other regions. Beyond our natural resources, infrastructure and connectivity, it is very important to note that Los Cabos is a safe destination, it is the second municipality qualified with the highest level of comprehensive security. Another element that characterizes us is the quality of service and the hospitality of our people


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