San José del Cabo: the other side of the coin in Cabo (VIDEO)


If a quick trip is all that you have time for, head to the sunny shores of Baja California Sur. Stay in one of the front-line beach hotels overlooking the San José del Cabo beach, just 2.5 km from the old colonial town of San José.

But, while enjoying the wall-to-wall sunshine, don’t forget to visit Todos Santos. This desert oasis mixes a bohemian laid back calmly with the old-world charm of traditional Mexico.

The unspoiled white sand beaches are a must for surfers looking for pretty places in Mexico to catch waves. And, the town is famous for its culinary offerings so be sure to tuck into a plate of freshly cooked street food.

Being one of the first pueblos mágicos in Baja California Sur, this town is full of surprises.

From whale watching tours and fancy art galleries to yoga and hiking tours, there truly is something for everybody in Todos Santos.

Source: Youtube

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