Homeless crisis in Los Cabos, City Hall seeks refuge or reintegration


People who are homeless in the community kitchen of Atención Ciudadana Los Cabos.

During an exclusive interview for CPS News and Tribuna de México, Dina Margarita de la Paz Araiza, Municipal Director of Citizen Services, shared information about the policies and programs implemented in the municipality of Los Cabos to address the situation of homeless people.

The municipal director stressed that comprehensive support is provided to people who are homeless, covering different aspects. They are provided with food, pantries, work materials, mattresses, blankets and other necessary elements to guarantee their well-being. Likewise, when a person expresses their desire to leave their homeless situation or is taken by someone else, they are given assistance to return to their place of origin.

“On May 10 I send them cakes, on Children’s Day I also send them cakes, and in December I give them turkeys. In addition, I provided them with fish, groceries, blankets, towels, material, mattresses, and if any of the people has a disability or requires an oxygen tank or an operation, they know they can count on me. If they reach a point where they can’t take it anymore, they tell me: “Dina, we can’t go on anymore”.

The director of Citizen Attention, mentioned that in specific cases the plane ticket is purchased for those in street situations who wish to return to their place of origin. In situations where they do not have valid identification, a residence card is issued that facilitates their return.

In addition, the commitment to cover the funeral expenses of homeless people who die in hospitals was highlighted, thus guaranteeing a decent burial for them. These measures seek to provide comprehensive support and improve the quality of life of those who are in this vulnerable situation.

There is no precise record of the number of people who have received assistance, however, the director shared a moving experience she personally witnessed. She witnessed the sad case of a destitute deceased in which there was only a present and a lonely cemetery, with no one else present. This incident highlighted the importance of taking steps to provide adequate care for homeless people.

To report cases related to homeless people, hospitals have received the contact number of the Municipal Director of Citizen Attention. In addition, the option to communicate via WhatsApp or call has been established.

Regarding shelter and support houses, two community kitchens stood out that have provided significant support. One of them is located in Santa Rosa, at the Santa Rosa, and the other in Cabo San Lucas, near Aurrera.

Regarding the quota of the community support houses, it was mentioned that the house in Santa Rosa has an approximate capacity for 35 people, while the one in Cabo San Lucas has a limit of 30 people.

Source: Tribuna de Mexico