Water deficit in Cabo San Lucas exceeds 400 liters of water per second


• The mayor assures that citizens do not pay water bills, because the service does not reach them.

In a recent meeting between municipal authorities, the head of the Drinking Water System Operating Agency (OOMSAPAS) in Los Cabos pointed out that the water deficit in the municipality and mainly in Cabo San Lucas (CSL) is increasing and it is considered that over passes 400 liters per second of water.

“The deficit in Cabo San Lucas is 405 liters of water per second, according to a study that was carried out last year, as of today it has already increased sharply due to the arrival of the entire population and in that understanding the desalination plant is already coming but there is still a remnant and that is why we are looking for alternatives,” explained Ismael Rodríguez Piña, director of the organization.

He added that this problem comes from population growth, the multiple failures that the water desalination plant has recently presented and the failure in the infrastructure of the hydraulic network, all of which is sought to be counteracted with the use of the wells that since the beginning of the XIV Administration and, as mentioned before, with the arrival of a new desalination plant.

Regarding this situation, when questioned Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro, because despite the lack of water, bills continue to arrive at homes.

“They receive the bill, but they do not pay it, we must be clear about that, we are focused on solving the water problem beyond the desalination plant, we are with the interconnection of well 5 chaparro, it is 50 lps that in a maximum of three weeks will be connected to Lomas del Sol… the situation is already unsustainable, and we are working on that.”

Source: Diario el Independiente