Crime incidence on the rise in Baja California Sur


According to the Crime Traffic Light, the state closes January with 6 red lights and 2 yellow ones. Los Cabos concludes with the highest number of indicators in red

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- 2024 started with six indicators in red, which means maximum alert for the crimes of drug dealing, kidnapping, vehicle theft, house theft, injuries and femicide; according to the Crime Traffic Light of Baja California Sur corresponding to January of this year.

Unlike December 2023, the state presented a noticeable increase in the crime of drug dealing. January recorded 70 incidents, while in the last month of last year 38 were counted.

In those 62 days, Los Cabos was the municipality where more cases of drug dealing were presented and continues to rise; it went from 29 to 42 incidents. This crime also escalates in the municipality of La Paz; January ended with 20 incidents, in contrast to December of last year, after registering 8.

The state also presented a kidnapping in La Paz and a femicide in Los Cabos during the first 31 days of 2024, which is why both crimes are in red light. In December of the previous year, no case of this nature occurred.

The crime of vehicle theft also remains in red light with high presence in the entity, with 52 cases registered in January, compared to 54 incidents in the past month. 24 of these occurred in La Paz, positioning itself as the municipality with the highest crime incidence in this regard. From there it follows Los Cabos, with 23; then Comondú with 3 and Loreto with 2.

Another of the crimes that do not cease in the South Californian entity is the theft of houses; after the 85 incidents registered in December 2023, January closed with 109 cases. Of such a figure, 38 occurred in the capital of the state, 37 in Los Cabos, 14 in Mulegé, 17 in Comondú and 3 in Loreto.

Despite being in yellow light, family violence is a problem with alarming prevalence in the state. January ended with 220 cases, in the previous month 184 were counted.

Los Cabos increased the number of crimes for family violence; December 2023 closed with 91 incidents, while 114 cases occurred in January of this year. In La Paz there was also an increase, it went from 68 to 83 incidents.

About the crime of robbery to businesses; 44 incidents were registered in the first 31 days of the year, in contrast to December, after counting 68. The municipality with the highest incidence was La Paz, with 36 cases.

Crime Traffic Light is a tool that arises from a citizen initiative, which is in charge of monitoring crime incidence at the national and state level.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano